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Energy and Environmental Design

Welcome to Christopher John Robert Laycock LLC, Laycock Design Build. Christopher Laycock specializes in Custom Green Design Homes, additions, and renovations. Christopher Laycock is a National H.E.R.S. Rater, BPI Certified contractor, Energy Star Partner, and an L.E.E.D for homesbuilder. Laycock Builders is located in the Ann Arbor, Saline, Washtenaw County, South East Michigan area. Laycock Builders is an award winning¬†Room ImageDesign Build Company who can take your ideas from concept to a finished product. Laycock Builder’s completed projects have been featured in publications such as “Perspectives ON DESIGN Great Lakes” (2010, pg. 32) and “Michigan HOME and Lifestyle” magazine.

Over the last two decades, Christopher J. R. Laycock’s mission has been to incorporate traditional handcrafted carpentry with the latest building science technology. Throughout his career in cabinetmaking, high-end custom remodeling, fast and furious production, and custom home building, Laycock has understood the importance of continuing education. “I keep in mind what the carpenter who I apprenticed under said: Don’t ever get carpenter’s ego – always keep learning.”